Returns & Refunds


Your requests are processed to be prepared for delivery at the end of the order. After your order is approved, it will be delivered to the cargo company at the end of 7 (seven) working days at the latest. For special orders, deadlines are determined together with the customer. Cargo companies take part in our product deliveries. The products forming the subject of the contract are delivered to the cargo COMPANY determined by the BUYER. The shipping fee and the cargo insurance fee, if any, are added to the invoice amount. The BUYER also accepts and undertakes to pay these fees in advance.


Can I return the products I bought?

Refunds are accepted if the return conditions specified as Melcan Group are met.

What are the return conditions?

  • Not lost its salability,
  • The series is intact,
  • Products without broken sets are returned.
  • Tear, improper stitching, color bleeding, etc. caused by the manufacturing process. In such cases, unconditional product returns are received.
  • If the deposit has been given before the order, there is no refund unless a justified reason is shown for the cancellation.